Need private chefs for a party? Need bbq live stations?

EZBBQ is a MUIS-approved halal brand that specialises in local and singaporean dishes.

Classics such as hand-skewered boneless satay, seasoned in traditional spices and herbs, will surely impress any guests for any party.

First started out in Geylang Lorong 25, we've grown into our own specialty; BBQ Catering.

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EZBBQ; Our geylang shopfront in the 90s

Midwing & Drumlet set (30s)

Total 30 pieces of raw drumlets and middlewings! Marinated with BBQ sauce, Honey, soy sauce. You can put it over the grill and start cooking immediately. A happy dish ...

Black Pepper Chicken Chop (1kg)

Raw Jumbo Black Pepper marinated tender chicken thigh fillet. 2-3 pieces of Big Cuts. A favorite choice for many at BBQ parties. Good for cooking at home using oven an...

Teriyaki Squid Skewers (5-6 sticks)

Night-market style; Whole Raw Squid Tube on sticks, cleaned, cut and thickly marinated with our special Teryaki sauce mix. Will be delivered Raw.

Raw Jumbo Chicken Satay (30 sticks) w/o sauce

*Upgraded to Large 1700g to 1800g Pack* Standard marinated chicken thigh cuts, diced and on-sticks, about 30-36g per stick.We marinate our satay meats using traditiona...

Chicken Cheese Cocktail Sausages (330g)

Great tasting, easy to cook, even easier to eat at BBQ parties!Products delivered raw.

Mala King Prawns -1kg (16-18pcs)

Big sized market fresh raw prawns soaked in tasty Sichuan Mala Sauces.Sold whole tub. *Due to price surge in available supplier sources, we had to revise prices slight...

Chicken Sliders / Mini-Burgers (10 sets)

10 sets of Chicken Sliders.Includes well-seasoned 60g freshly ground raw Chicken Mince Meat, 2.5" fresh Mini-burger Buttered Buns, cheddar cheese, Garlic Aioli and Bur...

IMPOSSIBLE Vegan Sliders / Mini-Burgers (10 sets)

10 sets of Vegan Sliders.Includes well-seasoned 50g fresh-chilled IMPOSSIBLE Vegan Raw Meat Patty, 2.5" fresh Mini-burger Buttered Buns, cheddar cheese and Garlic Aiol...