Raw Beef Satay (30s) (No Sauce)

BBQ FOOD Best Sellers (Raw) Products SATAY & OTAK-OTAK Satay - Beef
Standard marinated tenderloin cuts, diced and on-sticks, about 18g+ per stick.We marinate our satay meats using traditional herbs and spices, NOT the boring sweet taste...

Raw Beef Satay Goreng (500g)

BBQ FOOD Best Sellers (Raw) MARINATED MEATS Products Satay - Beef
Raw marinated Satay meat bits, best for stir-fried or oven baked for tasty meal add-on.  

SET - Grilled Beef Satay (30s)

Grilled Satay Sets & Condiments Products Satay - Beef
Grilled Beef Satay, comes with hot gravy, cucumber and onions. Now includes longtong too!Grilled for your convenience for immediate consumption upon delivery.

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