Need private chefs for a party? Need bbq live stations?

EZBBQ is a MUIS-approved halal brand that specialises in local and singaporean dishes.

Classics such as hand-skewered boneless satay, seasoned in traditional spices and herbs, will surely impress any guests for any party.

First started out in Geylang Lorong 25, we've grown into our own specialty; BBQ Catering.

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EZBBQ; Our geylang shopfront in the 90s

Beef Tenderloin Steak Kebab (6 sticks)

Succulent raw Beef chunks, marinated and skewered with assorted capsicum for extra crunch

Cooked-Chilled Yakitori Skewer (25 pieces)

Semi Cooked-Chilled Charcoal flavoured Chicken Yakitori sticks.Easily grill it in the oven for about 10mins. Remember to turn the skewers over (5mins each side) and co...

Enoki in Turkey Bacon (10 sticks)

A favorite since we launched this in 2008! Consisting of enoki mushrooms wrapped in raw Turkey Bacon,  this taste yummy after grilling! Comes with 10 sticks of enoki m...

Rosemary Lamb Kebab (6 sticks)

6 succulent sticks of raw lamb thigh meats, coated with rosemary and other assorted herbs.*Actual unfiltered product shown, with natural daylight*

Teriyaki Chicken Kebab (10 sticks)

This is a great, easy to grill and easy to munch on item! Teriyaki marinated raw chicken meat, comes with different colored capsicum, sooo pretty, sooo savory!