Curated Grill Specialties w/ Chef Joey!

Curated Grill Specialties w/ Chef Joey

If you are a big fan of insta-ready craft food, you would definitely know of Chef Joey Darryl Lim. He is often featured on popular blogs and influencers' circles as amongst the top home-grown talents in the FnB circle.

From the waffle affogato latte, or otherwise known as "Coffee-in-a-cone", to many other instagram-viral craft specialties found on his instagram pages, much of Joey's creations stems from his unyielding passion in food and art, and strong stubborness to succeed in areas of FnB industry.

Formerly the Head Chef at Tiong Bahru Bakery after graduating from LeCordonBleu(Paris), Chef Joey spent many good years handcrafting the many delicate specialties that we all now love.

Having recently joined as Chef-Consultant to EZBBQ in Mid-November, not only will he be improving on the many popular BBQ dishes that we currently enjoy, Chef Joey will also be curating new grill specialties that will surely bring foodgasm to the select few who gets to try his menu.

Chef Joey's Curate Menu (Limited Time Offer) includes:
Flat Baked Chicken w/ "The Other Sauce"

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