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We have 4 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ready-made packages of various sizes listed here, that contains sufficient (in our opinion) food and grill items for your parties! 

Our DIY packages are most suitable for chalets and parks!
All frozen items comes partial defrosted for ready cooking.

All our cooked items (except finger food) are sent to you HOT!
There's no need for reheating over fire.

10-Pax BBQ  |  20-Pax BBQ  |  30-Pax BBQ  |  40-Pax BBQ  |  10-pax Vegetarian

* Packages do not include Beef, Lamb or non-common variants
** You may add multiple packages to match your desired event size

"10 Adults + 10 Kids (Up to 8yrs)" 
Total: $264.85 (inc.GST)

A pre-filled DIY package customized for up to 50% kids turnup at your home or chalet party. Yes, we know they can be quite a handful....... thats why you need "Special" food for them!

Cooked Food
1 x Fried Nuggets
1 x Fried French Fries
1 x Fried Fish Balls (20 pcs)
1 x Fried Bee Hoon (8-10 pax)

Drinks & Desserts
1 x Foam Box with Ice Pack (5 kg)

1 x Ice Lemon Tea (24 packets)
2 x Ribena 200ml (6-packs)
1 x Ice Cream Puffs (30s)
1 x Sng Bao (10 sticks)
1 x "Jack & Jill" Potato Chips (8s)
1 x "Super Ring" Cheese Rings (8s)

Hotdogs & Vegetables
2 x Skewered Corn (10 pcs)

1 x Japanese Sweet Potato (10 pcs)
2 x Chicken Hotdogs (10 pcs)
1 x Crabsticks (16 pcs)
1 x Garlic Bread Loaf w/ Spread
1 x Cheese Seafood Tofu (12 pcs)
1 x Japanese Shiitake Mushrooms

Marinated Meats
1 x Cream Dory Fillet (6-8 pieces)

1 x Chicken Mid Wing & Drumlet Combo (30 pcs)
1 x Chicken Joint Wings (10 pcs)
2 x Chicken - Original BBQ Fillet (5-6 pcs)
1 x Yakitori Chicken Skewers (30 sticks)

1 x Butter (250g)

Satay & Otak-Otak
1 x Raw Chicken Satay (50 sticks)
1 x Satay / Peanut Sauce (400g)
1 x Otak Non-Spicy (20 sticks)

1 x Sambal Sotong (5 minipacks)

1 x Sambal Stingray (5 minipacks)

BBQ Accessories
1 x Large Trash Bags (3 pcs)

1 x Cornware Spoons (50 pcs)
1 x Cornware Forks (50 pcs)
1 x Paper Plates 9" (50 pcs)
1 x Serviettes (100 sheets)
1 x BBQ Wire Mesh (43cm x 86cm)
1 x Disposable Large Fork & Spoon

2 x Aluminium Tray (A4)
1 x BBQ Brush
2 x BBQ Tong
2 x Charcoal (3 kg)
1 x Fire Starters w/ Matches (10 pcs)
1 x Disposable Table Cloth (54" x 72")

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