BBQ Assistants (3 Hours)

EZBBQ - BBQ Wholesale & Events BBQ Catering


Due to the overwhelming request of the service of our BBQ Assistant, please call us at 6392 8392 to enquire on the availability of our BBQ Assistant.
1) Please inform us at least 7 days in advance, so we may make necessary arrangements. 

2) BBQ Assistants may only be available for booking upon existing orders above $250. 
(exclusive of GST and excluding any late order fees, pit rental and BBQ staff charges). 

3) Assistant will only be responsible for starting the fire and cooking. We will not manage cleanup of pit.
The host must provide the BBQ pit and required tools (eg. charcoal, tongs, trays). 

4) Each Assistant can manage about $300 of food within 3 hours.
If you have a big party, do kindly plan for multiple assistants or verify with EZBBQ Admin. 

5) A surcharge of $25 per Assistant at NSRCC, parts of Lim Chu Kang, Tuas and Sentosa.
Our staff will take taxi to and fro, so as to be punctual.

6) Festive surcharge of $25 per Assistant on Public holidays, due to tight availability. 
Festive surcharge of $35 per Assistant on Christmas eve, Christmas Day, New Year Eve and New Year Day, due to tight availability.  
7) Please plan for delivery at least 30mins before arrival of Assistants.

8) Assistants are not held responsible for collection or relocation of food items delivered.

9) Assistants are reserved ONLY upon confirmed payment.