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BBQ Packages


Set Choice | Chicken + Seafood + Assorted (Serves 3-4)

Stove | w/ Rental IR Stove


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  • Product Description

      Note: Items under Meat, Seafood and Assorted will be delivered raw and uncooked.

      (Optional BBQ Set)

      Mothers' Day Special - (Rental) Infra-Red Teflon-Plating Table-top Grill Set

      **Smokeless, fuss-free, oil-less instant cooking, no need to clean-up.
      Next morning collection. Doesn't leave the house smelling like BBQ.

      Teriyaki boneless chicken
      Winglets + drumlets
      Satay chicken

      Squid rings
      Dory fillet

      Corn cob

      Sambal tumis mix

      Fresh Sugarcane Drink x 4

  • Same-Day Delivery
    • 1) When will I receive my order?

      Your order will be sent to you within the selected delivery date and time window. Please do allow a 15min grace period before or after, as we may experience rough traffic, harsh weather or bad accessibility to your unit.

      2) How does same-day delivery work?

      You may select same-day delivery, as long as your order is accepted before 4pm. After 4pm, all new orders' delivery date and time selection will be from next day's earliest timeslot.

      3) What can I do if we have a urgent/last-minute need?

      Please call 6392-8392 for immediate assistance, during work hours (9am to 6pm daily), or use facebook messenger to reach out to us. Alternatively, you might like to use our new Whatsapp function to get an almost-immediate response from us.

      4) How are your items delivered?

      Cooked Food 
      All cooked dishes, fried or ready-to-eat food are packed in individual boxes, and prepared within the hour. Should the packaging be compromised, please reject the item(s) and let us know at 6392-8392 (Helpdesk)

      Raw BBQ
      Items that require finishing on site, or fully raw, are weighted and carefully packed into individual boxes for delivery. All frozen bbq items are delivered frozen, so as to reduce any possible risk of spoilage or infection or spillage.

      Delivery vehicles - bikes, vans and private cars
      Each order is individually packed and bundled in bags, warmer boxes or foam boxes. This is to reduce any possible risk of cross-contamination, or any non-halal ingredients that may be present in the despatch vehicle.

      5) How much is EZBBQ delivery fees?

      Our fees are capped at a flat fee of $8.90 per location per order, with a minimum order value of $23 to deliver.



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