Fragrant Nasi Lemak Rice with fresh ingredients, freshly prepared and served at your party.

Package 1: 120 servings ($600)
Package 2: 180 servings ($800)
Package 3: 250 servings ($1000)


Nasi Lemak Rice, chicken chop, eggs
Condiments: Sambal chilli, Cucumber, Ikan Billis and Peanuts

Comes with full set of disposable cutleries and table set up
Inclusive of staff onsite for a 2 hour service. 


Optional Top Up:

Table top booth at additional $120

Recommended Add-Ons To Your Buffet Table

Qty Details Amount

Grilled Jumbo Chicken Satay (w/ Sauce) $1.2

Assorted Nonya Kueh-Kueh
Traditional Nonya or Indonesian Kueh-Kueh Flavours

Self-Serve Nonya Laksa
(Thick Beehoon, Fresh Beansprouts, Tau Pok & Shrimps)

Self-Serve Mee Siam
(Mee Siam, Fresh Beansprouts, Tau Pok & Shrimps, Mee siam Soup)

Roasted Wagyu Tomahawk M 6-7 (1.6kg Bone-in Before Roasting)
(For Buffet Orders Only)

Rental - 6ft Tables w/ Black Tablecloth
(For Buffet Orders Only)

Rental - Red Plastic Stools
(For Buffet Orders Only)