Mixed Satay Booth Service (Live Grill)

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Satay On The Go

Delicious satay for your event. We cater to private or corporate events.
Your party is important, so get a live satay station specially to impress your guests.

1000 sticks Chicken satay, 400 mutton satay, 400 beef satay.
Includes Gravy, Cucumber, Ontion and Longtong Rice.
Includes 2 bbq helpers, 1 garden umbrella and grilling supplies for 3 hours.
Includes 1 x 6 feet banquet table with black skirting.

Freshly grilled satay can be served to your guests on foam trays or cups shown in picture. 
Quantity per serving determined by you, our helpers will just manage cooking.

Option for Indoor electric grill is available. 
Kindly check with our admin office at 6392-8392 regarding this option.