Starting a BBQ fire

七月 26 2017 – Daniel Tay

Starting a BBQ fire

Starting a BBQ fire

BBQ Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

Having a BBQ party can be a great teambonding experience, when everyone gets their hands equally dirty and messy.

Here's some tips and tricks on managing your BBQ, starting charcoal fire, or ensuring the food is thoroughly cooked.

There's also an option to engage EZBBQ Helpers for your home or corporate party, if you want to be fully hands-free!

How to Start a Fire

Step 1:
Use charcoal to build a wall around the fire starter and light it up. Surround the fire starter(s) with a wall of charcoal by stacking them up on each other. Then light the fire starter(s) up.

Step 2:
Continue placing more charcoal over the fire starter(s) to maximise use of the flames from the fire starter(s).

Step 3:

After about ten to fifteen minutes, the charcoals themselves would have caught fire. You will notice that parts of the charcoals are glowing embers or they have turned white already. 

Please remember:
The food should be cooked by the heat of the charcoal ember, and not by the direct flame. Cooking using flames will result in unbalance cooking, as well as heavy sooting on your meats.




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