Our Halal Commitment

 EZBBQ is a MUIS HALAL Certified Caterer (C3691)

EZBBQ and EZB Pte Ltd, distinguished BBQ Caterers in Singapore, proudly uphold unwavering adherence to the rigorous MUIS-HALAL guidelines and regulations.

With a dedicated commitment to MUIS-HALAL and the Singaporean Muslim community, EZB Pte Ltd stands resolute. As Singapore celebrates its years of independence, we recognize the extraordinary journey of this small but resilient homeland we collectively call HOME.

"Regardless of Race, Language or Religion, to build a democratic society for Singapore"

  • National Anthem

At EZBBQ, we comprehend the indispensable importance of preserving racial harmony and fostering mutual respect for our fellow citizens, their rich cultures, languages, and demographics. This equilibrium is the bedrock upon which Singapore's prosperity and well-being rest.

Succeeding as an F&B company in Singapore demands not only culinary excellence and exceptional service but also adherence to stringent standards of Food Management and Facility Cleanliness. One such imperative is the delivery of high-quality Halal food and its meticulous preparation.

In strict accordance with MUIS-Singapore's comprehensive guidelines, EZBBQ and EZB Pte Ltd have completed a successful 19-year journey. This decade-long expedition has fine-tuned our operations and firmly entrenched our brand within the local Muslim community, solidifying our position as a trusted Halal BBQ Food Caterer in Singapore.

In an industry where many struggle to survive past their first year, EZBBQ continues to flourish and expand, surpassing the confines of its initial kitchen setup while maintaining an unwavering commitment to serving delectable food at affordable prices in Singapore.

Our Halal-friendly practices encompass:

  1. Actively recruiting and supporting Malay and Muslim workers in Singapore.
  2. The strict prohibition of non-HALAL ingredients during food preparation.
  3. Appointment of a dedicated Muslim HALAL Officer to oversee and supervise food preparations.
  4. Consistent adherence to MUIS-Guidelines.
  5. Regular retraining of both existing and new staff to ensure compliance.
  6. The use of disposable cutlery for delivery items and catered food.

These principles have been consistently and meticulously followed for the past decade, resulting in the seamless renewal of our HALAL Certification in Singapore.

We take great pride in prominently displaying the MUIS-HALAL Singapore logo on our Delivery Trucks, Brochures, Websites, and all materials representing our Company and Brand.

Commenting on the significance and recognition of MUIS-HALAL in Singapore, EZBBQ's Managing Director, Daniel Tay, emphasized, "Singapore is a multicultural society, and with the Muslim community playing an integral role in the harmony of the nation, it is our duty to respect and fulfill the needs of this community to best serve the interests of the majority, if not all, Singaporeans seeking exceptional BBQ cuisine."