BBQ Catering

BBQ Catering w/ Chef

From intimate gatherings to large corporate events, be 100% comfortable to host when you engage EZBBQ for your next halal party.

FAQs On BBQ Catering Services

EZBBQ Livegrill w/ Chef services are basically self-serve buffet tables where our chef and crew onsite will sear meats and seafoods fresh from the grill, complete with carvery and sides.

EZBBQ is a MUIS-HALAL approved caterer, with all of our product supplies having halal certification.

Due to strict halal requirements, we avoid processing non-halal compliant ingredients on our equipment. Some of our Chefs are Muslim as well, therefore please avoid requesting them to cook non-halal ingredients.

Every Livegrill service's food quantity is carefully pruned and measured for sufficient pax consumption onsite. Should you be expecting more pax, please note that the setup, serving trays, cutlery and overall service experience will be greatly affected.

Additional hours of each Chef onsite is $120/hour.