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We're high frequency BBQ lovers and often take charge of planning these gatherings. Being in the moment with our family and friends, we enjoy quality time over grill and good BBQ.

Our team at EZBBQ have specially crafted these basic and budget packages for the many friends who enjoy simplicity in their lives.

Popular & Simple

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We remember the olden times in Singapore where our children would run around villages, chasing rubber balls, shooting makeshift goalposts and squeezed together to watch our favourite programmes.

Bring back the good old times with local dishes such as Maggi Goreng, Sambal dishes and Bandung Rose for a great time.

Malay / Kampung

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Executive Chef Joey's Recommendations, for those looking to enjoy the fine tastes with their guests...

Chef Joey's Fine Selections

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While we do not organise BBQ as frequently, we do enjoy the closeness and quality time with our family and friends. Good tasting meats are the highlights here!

These packages contains quality over quantity. Well-marinated steaks and Rosemary Lamb, and whole wings and classic satay, makes for a great BBQ.

Suitable For Meat-Lovers

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Some of us enjoy a heavy seafood BBQ with minimal meats or satay.

Popular local seafood such as Sambal Sotong & Sambal Stingray, and the occassional treat of grilled scallops for those who love the high life, or streetfare such as Grilled Teriyaki Squid Skewers, will surely leave you coming back for more!

Suitable For Seafood Lovers

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Whether it is a Sunset City Cruise or a Offshore teambonding trip at Southern Island, Offshore BBQ Packages will fill your stomaches quickly as you swim or lounge on deck.

Yacht Packages are great for small onboard grills, and contains plenty of quick-cooking dishes such as Meat Skewers, Satay and Wings.

Quick Cooking Options

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Sometimes we just need a little more customisation to our selected packages, and its too much work to run through all the categories available.

Mix n' match from our add-on bundles to better estimate the food quantity and variety that your party might require, ranging from meats, seafood, skewers or even vegetarian options!

Additional Options Available

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