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  • 3-5 Pax Family Sharing Platters

    Missed your favourite BBQ satays, chicken wings, sambal sotong? Enjoy ready BBQ platters for up to 5pax, delivered to door!

  • Try Our BBQ Bowls For Individuals

    Enjoy your sizzling meats at our famed BBQ catering service. Great tasting meals right in the comfort of your desk, whether you are working or gaming.

  • Cooked Satay Sets Home Delivery

    Freshly grilled BBQ satay, complete with condiments, sauce and longtong rice, to complete that party experience you had been planning for!

  • Raw BBQ Sets To Host A BBQ At Your Home Or Backyard

    Whether its a table affair or an outdoor party, you will impress your friends with these affordable packages, yet huge on value. Find out why EZBBQ is popular among young parents!

BBQ Group Sharing Platters

Try out our sumptuous mixed BBQ platters that are freshly grilled and served straight to your doorstep. It is perfect for a small groups of 3 to 5 pax sharing. 

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Individual BBQ Bowls

SMALL on price, BIG on value!
Sumptuous variety of wokfried dishes, completed with BBQ squids, satay or salmon. 

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Cooked Satay Sets For Sharing

Enjoy freshly grilled classic or jumbo satay, completed with warm peanut gravy, fresh cucumbers, onion slices and longtong rice in a ready-to-eat pack.

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Have Your Own Backyard? Purchase One Of Our Raw BBQ Sets, And Invite Your Friends or Family Over!

• Perfect For Small Group Size Of 3 to 5 Pax

Raw BBQ With Many Options Customisable

Same Day Delivery!

Whether its a planned potluck, or a simple outdoor gathering, you will never go wrong with such a wide assortment of popular bbq dishes. 

Have a last-min BBQ, anywhere, anyway!

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