• $390.00

Fragrant Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice Balls
Steamed White Rice

Luo Han Zhai
Assorted Sauteed Mushrooms
Hongkong Kai-lan in Superior Oyster Sauce
Wok-Fried Naibai w/ Garlic in Superior Oyster Sauce

Grilled Black Pepper Chicken Chop
Steamed Chicken in Soy Sauce
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Chop
Grilled Midwings & Drumlets
Deep-Fried Chicken Cutlet
Deep-Fried Battered Middle Wings

Grilled Otak-OtaK Sticks
Grilled Mackerel Fish Otak

Combo: Fishballs + Sotong Balls + Springrolls
Combo: Seaweed Chicken + Nuggets + Springrolls
FishBalls + Nuggets + French Fries

Fruit Punch Cordial
Tropical Mango Cordial
Tropical Orange Cordial
Blackcurrant Cordial

  • Tangy Chicken Rice Chilli Mix
  • Sweet Dark Soy Sauce
  • Traditional Young Ginger Mix
  • Fresh Cucumbers and Tomato Slices
  • Seasoned Achar in Vintage Vinegar

  • Terms & Conditions:
    - Full buffet setup with Black lycra wrap.
    - 1 x 6ft buffet table, with dispenser drink and desserts.
    - 3 hours service only.
    - Collection time will be 10 pm latest, regardless of service start time.
    - Additional Hours beyond 10pm collection is charged at $50/hour.

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