EZBBQ Halal Food Catering Delivers Anywhere In Singapore

Celebrating with your boss, clients, and co-workers can be a tricky affair. When choosing a venue, it is essential to get it right. The food, service, and atmosphere of the place you go to should suit perfectly the tastes and needs of the people you are with.

Sometimes people are not content with plain buffet, so that’s why our services have expanded to include Buffet Catering & Live BBQ Grill that we launched earlier this year. This way, we can bring halal BBQ catering to our customers instead of always the other way around. We have been to schools, weddings, hotels, year-end parties, and many more venues that Singapore has to offer. 

Yachting is a popular activity in Singapore, but the cooking areas are typically small, thus you need plenty of quick-to-cook options, easy grilling for small group of hungry swimmers. Our Yacht package menu – all halal food – have been carefully selected to satisfy everyone on board.

More than just BBQ, we also have other offerings such as Chilled Mini-Pineapple, Fresh-Serve Gelato, Pita Bread, Spit Roast Lamb, Fresh Laksa, Hot Cheese Dog, Kachang Puteh, and more in our Live Action Booth. They are perfect refreshments in Singapore’s hot weather, and kids will enjoy them too.

When it comes to organizing an office party or putting on a major event that involves people from all kinds of background, it can be very stressful and time consuming. A single call to EZBBQ will relieve you of the burden of having to worry about food and the serving of it. You can arrange everything with one of our customer service representatives and move ahead with the rest of your event planning.

We are a MUIS HALAL Certified Caterer

EZBBQ and EZB Pte Ltd, as a Barbecue or BBQ Wholesale Caterer in Singapore, reaffirms and maintains strict compliance to MUIS-HALAL set of guidelines and regulations.

EZB Pte Ltd has pledged strict compliance towards MUIS-HALAL and the Muslim community in Singapore and within the region. Singapore will be celebrating its 50th Birthday in 2015, and this has not been an easy journey for this small state we call HOME.  

"Regardless of Race, Language or Religion, to build a democratic society for Singapore"
- National Anthem

EZB Pte Ltd understands that the balance of racial harmony, mutual respect for fellow citizens, as well as their culture, language and demographics, is crucial for the growth and well-being of Singapore.
A major challenge for any F&B company to excel or thrive in Singapore, is adhering to the high standards of Food Management, General Cleanliness of Facilities, on top of great food and good service. One such demand, is the need for food in Singapore to be of high quality Halal food & preparations.

In line with the guidelines and regulations set out by MUIS-Singapore, EZBBQ and EZB Pte Ltd is currently in its 12th year of operations.
This past decade had served to fine-tune our operations, as well as to firmly root our brand in the local Muslim Community, as an established Halal BBQ Food Caterer in Singapore.

While most companies struggle to survive past their 1st year in business, EZBBQ continues to grow and expand beyond its current preparation kitchen, serving excellent tasting food at affordable pricing in Singapore.

Our HALAL-friendly practices

Several of our halal-friendly practices include:
  1. Encouragement and Hiring of Malay & Muslim workers in Singapore
  2. Strictly no non-HALAL ingredients during food preparation
  3. Appointment of a Muslim HALAL Officer to oversee and supervise food preparations
  4. General Compliance to MUIS-Guidelines
  5. Frequent retraining of existing and new staff on such compliances
  6. Using of disposable cutlery for delivery items and catered food 

The above mentioned points have been consistently and diligently followed for the past decade, as such, we have had no problems with renewing our HALAL Certification in Singapore.

We also take pride in displaying MUIS-HALAL Singapore logo on our Delivery Trucks,  Brochures, Websites, as well as all materials representing the Company and Brand.

Commenting on the importance and recognition of MUIS-HALAL in Singapore, EZBBQ's Managing Director, Daniel Tay, also said, "Singapore is a multi-racial society, and with Muslims playing such a vital role in the balance and harmony of the Nation, it is only right we respect, and comply with the Muslim Community's needs, so as to best serve the interests of most, if not all Singaporeans looking for great-tasting BBQ food!"