Celebration on Yacht?!

May 08 2015 – Daniel Tay

Celebration on Yacht?!

Celebration on Yacht?!


Celebration on yacht

Date: 25.12.2014

I didn't really mentioned about last year's Christmas celebration in my social media.
It's freaking awesome.
We rented a yacht, yeah.

As I was busy to the brim during that period of time, ordering BBQ food from a caterer saved a lot of hassle. Chose EZ BBQ as it's not too far from my place at Geylang and they provides vegetarian skewers for my kid sis who was then on temporary vegan diet.

My order was about $160, didn't reach their minimum order of $300 for free delivery.
So, 能省就省 , we picked up from them, wasn't too difficult.
Ticked the items against my order before packing them into plastic bags, paid cash.  We were all done within 15mins on Christmas noon before heading to our meeting place at Sentosa Cove.

Here's Sentosa Cove with one stretch of private yachts and speedboats.

There's a Cold Storage and 7-eleven here, very convenient for last min top ups.
Tip:  Ice cubes are cheaper in Cold Storage than in 7-eleven, not by cents hor, by dollar.
2 yacht crews came punctually to lead us to our yacht, the excitement began as we were lead through the restricted entrance.
Introducing Yacht Annette, our playground for the next 4 hours!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  My gawd!!
This yacht can accommodate up to 18 pax, there were 14 of us and we had plenty of space to jump and laze about.
Mai tu liao, let's sail out!
Meanwhile, let me show you the facilities and interior of Annette:
"Living Room" with glass panels which peeps through outside.
It has a double kitchen sink, stove, oven, rice cooker, electric kettle and a bar fridge.  The small counter tops are good enough for some cutting and preparation of food.
Bar fridge.
They called it 2 bedrooms although it's more like giant pigeon holes fully occupied by the bed, heehee...
This "room" got sliding wardrobe at the side.

This is another, climb up the beds if you need a doze, heehee....
There are 2 toilets and they are as compact as those on planes, only slight bigger to accommodate the shower area.
Ruffle hem blue top was sponsored by Zalora.
Wearing specs due to some eye infection >.<
Enjoying the sea breeze...
MBS and Singapore Flyer were so far and so small!
My Darren like a boss.
My niece Janelle in her own thoughts....
King Luis trying to keep calm and not to puke.
We anchored near Lazarus island.

Lazarus island is Singapore's most well kept secret.  The beach is amazing!
From a distant, we saw clean white sand and clear blue sea waters, beautiful like a postcard.
We didn't take any pics of the beach as we didn't want to risk our hand phones getting drowned.  Nobody's able to get to the beach without getting wet.
Sis and little Karsten canoe over to the beach while the other swam over.

While the rest were having fun in waters, I found my fun with fire - BBQ!

Teriyaki chicken, sambal sotong and prawns were all neatly and professionally packed in foils by EZ BBQ.

We had black pepper lamb chops and otah.....
We grilled pineapples....
We had satay...
Talking of which, the satay came in a spill-proof package, delicious and hassle free!
And, we had a lot more!!

We even had champagne!  Weeeeeeeeeee....

Sunset was beautiful, Darren was shiok max...

Night scene.  This was the best a handphone could capture, the real dazzles were captured by our eyes.
The sky gotten dark came really fast, we managed to see a bit of fire work from Sentosa.  After which, we sailed back to Sentosa Cove.
If budget allows, renting a yacht out to the sea for birthday celebrations, weddings, events etc., is far more interesting and exciting than any location on land.  We had such a smashing and memorable Christmas!

Really have to thank my kid sis that everybody gets to enjoy a private yacht."



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