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Indoor Showroom Event w/ Grill

  • Classic Laksa Booth w/ Fresh Taopok + Crabsticks + Prawns
  • Classic Chicken Rice Balls w/ Steamed Soy Chicken
  • Classic Prawn Noodles w/ Thick Noodles + Fresh Prawns
  • Classic Local Plain/Egg Prata w/ Chicken Curry
  • Live-grill Mixed Satay
  • Live-grill Chicken Satay
  • Live-grill Jumbo Satay Mixed Satay (+ $3/pax)
  • Live-grill Jumbo Chicken Satay (+ $2.50/pax)
  • Live-grill Assorted BBQ Meats
  • Live-grill Skewered Chicken Joint Wings
  • Live-grill Assorted Sausages
  • Live-grill Assorted Kebabs/Skewers
  • Live-grill Beef Patty Mini-Burger (+ $3/pax)
  • Live-grill Teriyaki Chicken Mini-Burger (+ $2.50/pax)
  • Yuanyang/ Sesame / Original Flavoured Muah Chee
  • Traditional Kueh Pai Tee Booth
  • Classic Kachang Puteh
  • Assorted Local Tidbits
  • Traditional Ice Cream Booth (Bread/Paper Cups/Cones)
  • Assorted Flavours Potong Icecream Sticks
  • Gelato Ice Cream Booth - 2 Flavours (Paper Cups/Cones)
  • Coca Cola w/ Ice
  • Sprite w/ Ice
  • A&W Root Beer w/ Ice
  • Cream Soda w/ Ice

*Option for adding 7-course buffet for $12/pax
**Not inclusive of sitdown tables and chairs

Email if you would like this package.