Popular ways of enjoying your BBQ Party / Company Functions

May 18 2019 – Daniel Tay

Popular ways of enjoying your BBQ Party / Company Functions

Popular ways of enjoying your BBQ Party / Company Functions

1. Buying Ala-carte BBQ for your own Do-it-yourself bbq party

This is perhaps the most common form of bbq that probably everybody is used to; going to our nearest wet market, buy some meats or seafood, getting our parents to help with some simple marination. 

Some family members or friends may boast "secret recipes", so its always more fun to try them out, and most likely laugh at them for their failed attempts.

Biggest challenge with this, would be the tremendous efforts required to shop, cut, marinate your food, carry all of those to your chosen bbq pit, including those heavy cartons of drinks, start your own messy charcoal cooking... 

But yes, this is yet the cheapest way of enjoying a great time :) at least until some friends forget to buy the ice required for chilling the drinks.

2. Getting BBQ Packages from online wholesalers

Ahh, the 1 solution to all our problems.  Ordering online for our bbq parties have been made so much more convenient in recent years. Simply searching online for our favourite suppliers, or new ones that our friends have been raving about recently.

Online shopping for BBQ should allow for full customisation for your purchase; do not be forced into buying bundles that your guests or yourself may not like/enjoy eating. Perhaps your guests this time might like to have better quality meats, and less classics such as chicken wings or hotdogs. You should have a say in what you pay for, and if not, always browse around until you find a comfortable site at where you get your routine BBQ fix.

Most BBQ packages should have a balanced mix of bbq tools, well seasoned meats, seafood, as well as kids-friendly options, have ice boxes for chilling your drinks or desserts.

A reliable BBQ provider would pack accurately on your purchase, have convenient delivery timeslots, be informed prior to delivery, to-site delivery instead of carrying from the carparks, have your items checked during collection, as well as post-party support.

3. Hiring Chef(s) to do live-grilling

Most often, the host of the BBQ Party do not enjoy their own BBQ party very much.

This is because, other than spending all those money buying the food and drinks, coordinating the arrival of visitors and guests, going around to say hello with your family and friends, while worrying about the cooking of food on the grill.. is not an easy situation for anyone.

You are the host of your party, and rightfully should enjoy to the fullest. Good hired help (BBQ Assistants) not only setup the charcoal fire, but also professionally cook your purchases, side purchases, as well as serve freshly grilled food to your serving table. 

All of EZBBQ's BBQ Chefs and BBQ Assistants, are trained in various searing methods, slicing, ensuring the thoroughness of the cooking, as well as basic PR onsite with your guests, so that your party is an enjoyable session.

The host of the party, need only clink glasses with the various guests, enjoy eating grilled jumbo satay, as your guests enjoy the freshly prepared feast onsite.

4. Getting ready-to-eat BBQ food catered for your party

5. Having a BBQ Event



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