Tips to planning your Satay Party

July 05 2018 – Daniel Tay

Tips to planning your Satay Party

Tips to planning your Satay Party

Having Satay Parties can be extremely satisfying for your guests, especially when you're trying to entertain a huge and hungry crowd, and keep the conversation in the party flowing.

There are several ways of throwing a Satay Party, here's what we think you should do:

1. Having a standalone satay booth or stall + dedicated cooking assistant. 
EZBBQ offers live-station Satay Booth for both indoors and outdoor functions. Find out more here >>

2. Ordering many packets and varieties of raw Satay ("Sate") sticks and inviting your guests to stand around the family grill.


3. Ordering fully prepared and cooked Satay sticks, ready to start any party..
Kids go really fast on satay, so you might like to buffer additional sticks!

EZBBQ offers satays in 50s, complete with warm peanut sauce and sides, from $24/- onwards.
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4. Arrange for a "Satay Party" service from your trusted BBQ or Satay Supplier. Such a package would include sides or condiments such as peanut sauce/gravy, ketupat or long-tong rice, fresh onions and cucumbers for that added crunch.

EZBBQ offers the standard satay sticks, marinated with traditional malay herbs and spices, or the meaty JUMBO sizes, which features easily 2x of standard sizes. Standard sticks are suitable for serving masses, whereas Jumbo sticks impresses your guests.

Small Satay parties are also great for that night football match with your buddies, or chilling out watching Netflix or streaming videos off the comfort of your home lounge. A simple gathering of friends would be more complete with freshly grilled satay!

Satay Stations are also great as a supporting live-grill station for your Buffet or company function. Feed 200, 300 or 500 guests per satay booth, and you'll not worry about bland or boring traditional buffets.

Thats all for introducing Satay, or Sate, one of Singapore's best-loved favourite grill dish! For other favourites, check out the other articles or pages!
- Article by Daniel, BBQ Planner, EZBBQ Singapore



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