Livegrill Yacht w/ Chef


Number of Pax | 10-12 Pax Livegrill Yacht w/ Chef (Fr. $1896)

Add-Ons | Keep it simple (no add-ons)


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  • Product Description

      Indulge in an exquisite private dining experience on board your own luxurious yacht. Our Yacht BBQ Menu, specially crafted for groups of 10-12 guests, promises to be a culinary journey like no other. Relish the serenity of an open-air setting while savoring a delectable selection of grilled seafood, succulent meats, and garden-fresh vegetables, each expertly prepared to perfection.

      This menu is the quintessential choice for al fresco gatherings and sun-soaked summer celebrations with your nearest and dearest. Embark on a nautical adventure and set sail for an unforgettable dining experience that will etch itself into your memory. Our Yacht BBQ Menu offers a harmonious blend of sumptuous food, refreshing drinks, and breathtaking scenery, making it an exceptional way to revel in the company of loved ones.

      Let us handle the details while you focus on creating lasting memories. Secure your reservation now for an extraordinary and unforgettable meal that will linger in your heart for years to come.


      Prices start from $118/Pax, bookings only per tiered pricing.
      *All ingredients are carefully pruned for the specific pax of guests.*
      *Our servings are adult-portion, please factor 2 kids (below 12) = 1 adult.*

      Prices exclude the booking of Yacht. PM our helpdesk at if you require a yacht recommendation via our partners.

      Livegrill Service Includes:
      - Chef(s) throughout the service (1hr Setup + 1.5 hr grilling + 1.5 hrs dining),
      - We use disposable serving cutlery and plates onboard.
      - Chef Hours Extension at $350/Additional Hr.

      - Boarding will be together with customer. *We will not be able to board earlier to prepare for arrival of guests.*
      - Dismantling of setup will be done as soon as guests are done eating. This is to prepare for quick unloading when returning to berth.
      - Grill onboard must be available to use. Our portable konro grill can be available for additional $120. We use quality long-lasting natural binchotan for yacht events.
      - Setup will be via long serving boards.

  • Same-Day Delivery
    • 1) When will I receive my order?

      Your order will be sent to you within the selected delivery date and time window. Please do allow a 15min grace period before or after, as we may experience rough traffic, delays from previous customers, harsh weather or bad accessibility to your unit.

      2) How does same-day delivery work?

      Due to daily high volume of orders, we discourage urgent or sameday delivery requests. Should you require raw BBQ food, we would suggest to visit our retail store within the operational hours of 10-7pm.

      You may select same-day delivery, as long as your order is accepted before 12noon (sun) or 4pm (Mon-Sat). After cutoff, all new orders' delivery date and time selection will be from next day's earliest timeslot.

      3) What can I do if we have a urgent/last-minute need?

      Please call or whatsapp us at 6392-8392 for immediate assistance, during work hours (10am to 7pm daily) to reach out to us. 

      4) How are your items delivered?

      Cooked Food 
      All cooked dishes, fried or ready-to-eat food are packed in individual boxes, and prepared within the hour. Should the packaging be compromised, please reject the item(s) and let us know at 6392-8392 (Helpdesk)

      Raw BBQ
      Items that require finishing on site, or fully raw, are weighted and carefully packed into individual boxes for delivery. All frozen bbq items are delivered frozen, so as to reduce any possible risk of spoilage or infection or spillage.

      Delivery vehicles - bikes, vans and private cars
      Each order is individually packed and bundled in bags, warmer boxes or foam boxes. This is to reduce any possible risk of cross-contamination, or any non-halal ingredients that may be present in the despatch vehicle.

      5) How much is EZBBQ's delivery fees?

      Due to rapidly rising diesel and petrol costs, EZBBQ is trying our best to cap our delivery fees at $12.90 per location per order (minimum $80 upwards).

      Free delivery is currently available for orders above $200 (Before discounts) only.

      Festive surcharges may apply separately.

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        • Variant: 10-12 Pax Livegrill Yacht w/ Chef (Fr. $1896) / Keep it simple (no add-ons)
        • Collection: BBQ Catering