• $390.00

Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis
Fragrant Chicken Rice
Fragrant Nasi Lemak Rice

Lo Han Chye (Mixed Vegetables Platter)
Curry Vegetables
Assorted Sauteed Mushrooms
Seasoned Achar in Vinegar

Golden Fried Chicken Joint Wings
Sweet Sambal Chicken Wings & Drumlets
Grilled Midwings & Drumlets
EZBBQ Curry Chicken

Chicken Satay w/ Sauce
Pan-Baked Satay Goreng
Grilled Otak-OtaK Sticks
Grilled Mackerel Fish Otak

Combo: Fishballs + Sotong Balls + Springrolls
Combo: Fried Eggs + Chicken Hotdogs

Fruit Punch Cordial
Tropical Mango Cordial
Tropical Orange Cordial
Blackcurrant Cordial

  • Boiled Fresh Eggs
  • Sweet Sambal Belacan Chilli Paste
  • Fresh Cucumbers Slices
  • Fried Ikan Billis with Crispy Peanuts

  • Terms & Conditions:
    - Full buffet setup with Black lycra wrap.
    - 1 x 6ft buffet table, with dispenser drink and desserts.
    - 3 hours service only.
    - Collection time will be 10 pm latest, regardless of service start time.
    - Additional Hours beyond 10pm collection is charged at $50/hour.

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